Salzburg is one of my favorite cities, not only because of its rich history and timeless charm, but because members of my family come from region. The shadows cast at sunset by the mighty Alps, the ancient ring of cathedral bells that reach deep resonating into my soul, and the echoes of footsteps on stone walk ways whisper to my eternal Southern European spirit like nothing else.

Even today, my eighty-year-old cousin and his wife live in Salzburg, we come to visit every few years, and I’ve been doing so since I was a youngster. I can appreciate Brooke Saward’s article “How Salzburg Stole My Heart,”

as she talks about the Salzburg Dom Cathedral where my distant cousins were married and her reference to the “Sound of Music” that my two-year-old daughter and I watch from time-to-time.

Mozart’s birthplace is a must along with the Mirabellgardens as she discusses. Make sure to drive around the city and up the Alps on a beautiful clear day for unbelievable views along with a visit to the Eagles Nest.

Salzburg St Peters Friedhof Katakomben Kapelle MinI remember riding the unforgettable Hohensalzburg fortress funicular many times as a child. The fortress provides spectacular views and brings you back in time. St. Peter’s Monastery tour is time well spent, but try to wander off from the crowd if you can and visit the catacombs. The ancient catacombs housed some of the earliest Christian refugees; the stories are fascinating. The cemetery carries its own charm and history. Tucked in the middle is the tombstone of an American General. The General fell in love with an Austrian woman and Salzburg during WWII, where he later retired and was eventually buried.

Tony Bilby

Also, check out Brook Saward’s “World of Wanderlust Story: