New York is home to hundreds of fantastic bars and restaurants. You could spend a lifetime scouring the city for the best places to eat and drink and still never stop adding names to your list. Though not a wasted life, I may be able to shorten your time spent pounding the pavement with my list of favorite places to visit when I’m in the Big Apple.

Cleverly disguised as a retro barber shop, The Blind Barber is charming as it is subtle. The shop window reveals two small barber chairs complete with trimming tools and all the necessities for a fresh cut. A passerby looking through the window would see little more than a relic of a bygone age, and not the bar hidden just beyond the door at the back of the shop. The name, Blind Barber, harkens back to the days of prohibition when speakeasies were often given the name “Blind” to motivate policemen to turn a blind eye to the goings on. To whet your thirst, The Blind Barber offers a bevy of classic drink selections from beer to cocktails.

When walking the city streets, it’s easy to grow accustomed to closed store fronts with their metallic shutters. It’s precisely this assumption that allows uninitiated passerby of Nubulu to keep walking. Shuttered and spraypainted, there could hardly be said to be a better camouflage in the city than this. Opened a space to practice music, the owner acquired the liquor license to legally offer alcohol to bandmates during practices. Carrying the musical spirit forward, patrons can expect live music from any number of genres when spending the night at Nubulu.

If you’re looking to satisfy your appetite as well as your thirst, then the hidden Glasserie in Greenpoint, Brooklyn will be perfect for you. Marked solely with a neon-green “G” and nothing more, this once bustling glass factory has been repurposed, but not entirely remodeled. Large portions of its over hundred-year-old architecture remain. illustrating its rich history dating back to 1870. Through the massive kiln doors that once held a belly full of fire, you can fill yours on rich Mediterranean cuisine freshly prepared with all the spice and flavor of owner Sarah Conklin’s heritage.

Though only a piece of what New York has to offer, these locations are delightfully hidden and well worth the pursuit. So the next time you find yourself in New York City with an appetite for good food and adventure, look no further than this list for a rollicking good time. For more of The Big Apple’s hidden goodies, click here.


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