One of my most memorable trips as a teenager was to Turkey.  Istanbul, Izmir, Cesme, and more……

Look to the Turkish Travel Blog by Natalie Sayin “8 Unusual and Cool Things to do in Instanbul”

8 Unusual and Cool Things to do in Istanbul

for a wealth of information about traveling to Turkey in general.  As for things to do in Istanbul, the article highlights:

One Day Street Art Tour – I’ve seen these pieces of art all over the streets of Istanbul during the times I’ve been there. Not only is the street artwork interesting, but the town in general is ancient and ready to be discovered. So many monuments to explore while you are there like the The Blue Mosque, Topkapi Palace, and Grand Bazaar to name a few, but don’t forget about the streets in general. There is so much hussle and bussle in this city of over 14 million and many different ways to experience the culture; starting by getting right out into the city streets.

Ottoman Jewellry Workshop – Don’t just stop there. There are a million places to find quality pieces of jewelry, beautiful gold and silver pieces that can be hand designed in just a few hours at a fraction of the cost compared to the states or elsewhere. Be sure, however, to haggle and get the price down. It is 100% culturally acceptable and expected that you negotiate price.  Never buy something at face value or without a conversation that brings the price down.

Street Photography Walk – This is a great chance to hone your camera skills as the article mentions and the images of the Hagia Sophia are the most popular and most polarized when talking about Istanbul.  Make sure to bring your best camera and include some pictures of yourself and the family in front of this unbelievable and ancient feat of architecture.

Istanbul Bicycle Tour – Bicycle tours are great for many cities.  I really enjoy and appreciate the Munich bicycle tour over the summer, but a close runner up, if not at par with Munich, is the Istanbul bike tour.   As mentioned in the blog, most if not all of the equipment is included, and this is a great chance to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of this ancient city while moving at a relaxed and enjoyable pace.

Mushroom Hunt – My friend told me many times about Belgrade forest and it must be such a divergence from the City. I look forward to exploring picnicking in this area the next time I head to the country.

The old City Flavours – This is great chance at Turkish coffee and baklava as mentioned, as well as the infamous Turkish doner kebab that I have enjoyed so much during my travels around the region.

Rowing and Sailing around Istanbul – I have personally never done this and I’m putting this on my bucket list the next time I go. This looks amazing and an excellent way to explore the old besieged Constantinople.

Tony Bilby

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