Who doesn’t love a winter wonderland? While winter vacations are not as commonly talked about as summer ones, they are still a favorite for many. Traveling to scenic winter destinations is a real treat, especially for those that love the snow and winter activities. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to discover or choose a destination, especially if one is looking for a new spot to consider visiting. Here are some iconic places to consider for this winter’s vacation.

The Alps

The Alps are arguably one of the most iconic winter vacation destinations. There are many options when it comes to planning a vacation in the Alps. First and foremost: choosing the country (France, Switzerland, or Italy). Then one can opt for a hotel or a villa rental. These are but a few of the ideas and locations available.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

For those hoping for a destination a bit closer to home, consider Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Jackson Hole receives more than five hundred inches of snow each year, creating the perfect conditions for skiers, snowboarders, and more. Plus, there’s the bonus of being so close to Yellowstone National Park.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville, North Carolina, is located alongside the Blue Ridge Mountains. This means that there are plenty of ski slopes and the likes for those that love mountain sports. Another scenic attraction is the Asheville Urban Trail.


For those looking for a unique European destination, consider Slovenia. The stunning snowcapped mountains will make any traveler fall in love. Slovenia is known as the ‘mini Europe’ to many, thanks to the diverse topography and cultures.

Burlington, Vermont

Burlington is Vermont’s largest city – and it is best known for its ski resorts. Along with various B&Bs and hotels, Burlington makes for a skiers (or snowboarders) paradise. Alongside the obvious winter activities, one can find shops, live music, and micro-breweries.


Greenland is perhaps one of the most fantastic winter destinations available. The country is famous for its chilly sights. Greenland is the world’s largest non-continental island and is particularly well-known for its fjords and glaciers.

Sun Valley, Idaho

Another ideal and snowy location is Sun Valley, Idaho. Sun Valley boasts many winter activities, including skiing, snowboarding, snow biking, Nordic skiing, snowmobiling, ice skating, and sleigh rides. All this alongside the usual tourist attractions, such as live music and restaurants.